Out in April

NewsPosted by Skudge Sat, March 10, 2012 03:37:46

October - Empires E.P (SKUDGE-PT004)

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To be released on Skudge Presents April 2012

A: Push
B: Empire of Man

October’s new EP for Skudge is one for the warehouse: both in nostalgic and progressive terms, October seem to have recorded the timelessness and his soul into the forth installment of Skudge Presents.

‘Push’ accelerates and keeps on going until it ends, where a lot of weight is put on keeping the groove. Sparse vocal repetition, used perfectly as a glue for the beat, brings a lot of promise and delivers—this is one for those hours where everything comes together.

A more personal track sees the light on the B side, where ‘Empire of Man’ is even more of a journey. Where a lot of music seem to focus on function, this track combines both function and style into perfection.

This is one to keep!

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