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Check out and download Rivet's ''Analogue Freemix'' of his track ''Sundry''
Out on Skudge Presents

Original release:
Rivet - Grifter (SKUDGE-PT005)

The orginal 12" is availble in ALL GOOD VINYL STORES, worldwide


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NewsPosted by Skudge Tue, October 09, 2012 00:28:05
Oct 26 Elevate Festival Graz, Austria

Oct 27 Animal Social Club Rome, Italy

Nov 10 Culture Box Copenhagen, Denmark

Nov 23 Hush House Leeds, United Kingdom

Nov 24 The Hydra London, United Kingdom

Nov 30 La Machine Du Moulin Rouge Paris, France

Dec 07 Serendipity Foligno, Italy

Dec 08 Ribbon Club Terracina, Italy

Dec 15 Berns 2.35:1 w/ October Stockholm, Sweden

Dec 28 Tresor Berlin, Germany (CANCELLED!)

Jan 25 LIFE Brighton, United Kingdom

Jan 26 Onemore London, United Kingdom

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NewsPosted by Skudge Fri, August 03, 2012 21:21:20

Rivet - Grifter / Sundry

Click here to buy

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New tees

NewsPosted by Skudge Wed, August 01, 2012 11:46:08
New Skudge tees available for order.

Black with red print

Navy blue with grey print
Black with red and white print

15€ per t-shirt. Shipping cost within the EU 6€ and the rest of the world 8€

Screen print on organic fair trade cotton from Earth Positive

Regular fit



Payment via Paypal.
Email your order to: order@skudgerecords.com
Please mention what size and which design you would like.

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New Live Dates

NewsPosted by Skudge Thu, March 15, 2012 00:38:07

Mar 17 | Sub Club | Glasgow, UK |

Apr 28 | 2:35:1 w/ Rivet, Bleak | Stockholm, Sweden |

May 05 | BeCool | Barcelona, Spain |

May 18 | Timbuk2 |Bristol, UK |

May 25 | Corsica Studio |London, UK|

May 26 | Das Bett |Frankfurt, Germany |

Jun 16 | Berghain w/ DJ Rolando |Berlin, Germany |

Jul 27 | Kuudes Aisti Festival |Helsinki, Finland |

Sep 28 | Six D.O.G.S |Athens, Greece |

Sep 29 | Fabric |London, UK |

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Out in April

NewsPosted by Skudge Sat, March 10, 2012 03:37:46

October - Empires E.P (SKUDGE-PT004)

Click here to listen

To be released on Skudge Presents April 2012

A: Push
B: Empire of Man

October’s new EP for Skudge is one for the warehouse: both in nostalgic and progressive terms, October seem to have recorded the timelessness and his soul into the forth installment of Skudge Presents.

‘Push’ accelerates and keeps on going until it ends, where a lot of weight is put on keeping the groove. Sparse vocal repetition, used perfectly as a glue for the beat, brings a lot of promise and delivers—this is one for those hours where everything comes together.

A more personal track sees the light on the B side, where ‘Empire of Man’ is even more of a journey. Where a lot of music seem to focus on function, this track combines both function and style into perfection.

This is one to keep!

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Out in March

NewsPosted by Skudge Sat, March 10, 2012 03:36:45

Aardvarck - Indo E.P (SKUDGE-PT003)

Click here to listen

Long time Skudge favorite Aardvarck has a extensive catalog, where quality and quantity seem to go hand in hand. After doing a excellent job of shaking and twisting down the big 'Convolution' track, Aardvarck now sees his own production on the third record on Skudge Presents.

On the A side, 'Yogya' walks all over most tracks today—a hint of some lost 12", long forgotten in the haze of the mid-90's, blended and tuned in into today's standards, this is a track made for the future, where styles really collide in a very unique way.

'Brawa' is leaning more towards a swinging sound, where the funk has all emphasis and weight. A track that goes well in hand with pretty much everything.

Last but not least, 'Tengenan' is a excellent and near perfect example what happens if you let loose. A soundtrack to a night where everything is forgotten and forgiven, a theme for a place where we do what ever we want to do.

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NewsPosted by Skudge Sat, March 10, 2012 00:58:15
Coming later this year.
Re presses of SKUDGE001-SKUDGE003.
Cardboard record sleeve with printed artwork (3x12")
Limited to 300 copies. One time only!

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